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Learn more about Klein Basement Systems' recent work requests in Erie, PA
Wave Drive in Erie
I would like a bath tub re surfaced
in Erie
Leaking basrment, wet basement
Covert Circle in Erie
Found a new crack in basement foundation that is leaking water. Elements of soil present in the leak. Nearby basement wall shows signs of mold.
Wolf Rd in Erie
We are buying this 1957 home and plan to convert the semi finished basement into living spaces. The basement is not overtly wet, but there is some evidence of past moisture and there are 2 dehumidifiers running.
in Erie
One corner of the basement has some water leaking in which also is the same corner with the electric box
Glenridge Rd in Erie
Crack in basement wall allowing water in and causing musty smell throughout house.
Fairfield Ave in Erie
Need a shower/tub refinished or reglazed.
in Erie
I would like to get an estimate on a bathtub refinish. Thanks Mark
Prestwick Drive in Erie
We are looking at putting an egress window and managing basement humidity level.
in Erie
Have stand-up shower in 1950's house. Shower base stone cracked due to settling. Can you take a look at this project for possible installation of shower floor and surround resurface. Stall/floor is 30" x 30".
Saltsman Rd Ext in Erie
I would like to set up an appointment to review bathroom remodeling options.
in Erie
I want a new bathroom. Everything but the toilet. I want a stand up shower instead of a tub. I have a hand held shower now and I want something different.
Pennsylvania Ave in Erie
Home Inspection report states that crawl space in basement is lacking a vapor barrier which I might want to address in the future.
in Erie
Looking at having my bath tub reglazed/refinished. Please contact me via email anytime to stop over to provide an estimate. Thanks!
in Erie
My basement has a leak
Stanley Ave in Erie
Need a quote to refinish a bathtub for a rental property
Holmes St in Erie
Minor water in basement. Looking into sump pump as an option.
Lee Ave in Erie
A total bathroom gut and redo. Window removed. At least that would be the worst outlook for it.
Marshall Drive in Erie
Need drainage system. Basement gets wet mold etc. Small old house.
W. Lake Road in Erie
I have a client that currently has a plastic basement egress and it is beginning to fail. They have contacted us looking for help. I would have pictures and measurements of the space and would love to pass them along for an accurate quote on the rockwall egress. Thank you!
Anne Marie Drive in Erie
Tub and surround needs reglazing
Wayne Street in Erie
I have one corner of my basement that has water come in during rainstorms. I know that my yard needs regraded, and may need work to my French drains.
I saw your ad on tv for cutting a notch into a bathtub. I'm not sure of the correct term. It's to make it easier to climb in and out of the tub.
Perry Hwy in Erie
We have a wet basement. Would like a quote to repair it. Thank you.
Court Ave in Erie
Not really any concerns, just looking to bring the tub back to life, rather than replace it.
Marvin Ave in Erie
I would like an estimate for removal of mold and waterproofing for my basement. I also have one corner that seems to be an issue with letting some water in and I would like that addressed as well. Thank you!
Amherst Rd in Erie
One corner of basement has leaked water mostly during heavy snow melt offs or heavy rainfall
in Erie
We need to address a moisture problem in our bathroom which will require a refinish (plaster and paint) of the ceiling and the reinstallation of a better ceiling fan to pull moisture out of bathroom. Also, the tiled shower/tub wall on the driveway side has loose tiles due to water getting behind the tiles. That wall and the other two will need to be addressed. I am thinking the tile will need to be removed and new shower specific plaster board/sheet rock will need to be installed. We would be interested in our options from there. The bathtub needs refinished or replaced. Additional work that we are considering include updating floor, sink and vanity, and the lighted medicine cabinet. Toilet is newer and surrounding tiled walls are in good condition. Painted walls and tiles are all neutral colors.
Birwood Drive in Erie
Waterproof basement walls. No real trouble with leaks.
Ruth Avenue in Erie
We have lived in the house for 24 hrs. We had Rebath come in and remodel our bathroom approx. 20 yrs ago. Our tub is now leaking and my son used a marina poxy to stop the crack in the tub so that we can still use it. . We are looking at pricing for a replacement tub/shower and light fixture over the mirror above the bathroom sink.
West Robison Rd in Erie
Our crawl space has the insulation falling down. The blocks have some small gaps in them. We started to notice some moisture on the inside of the crawl space.
Hess Ave in Erie
I have a Tub / Shower at this time and am looking to have a cut out of the tub to make it a walk in.
Rudolph Avenue in Erie
There is a horizontal crack in my basement wall, can you please look at it and quote to fix it? Selling my house and needs to pass inspection.
Pennsylvania Avenue in Erie
Mold in basement
Poplar St in Erie
All walls leak at floor seam, looking to stop the flow and to paint the walls
in Erie
in Erie
Basement leaks when it rains from several spots. Previous home owners began "finishing" basement before addressing the leaks and the walls and paneling they installed appear to be rotting and molding. We are looking for two separate quotes, one to address the mold issue and then one to address the leaks.
Wyoming Ave in Erie
I bought a 1950's bungalow 1 year ago. I have had very minor water seeping on the SE basement floor. After the rainfall yesterday & perhaps my overzealous watering of the new grass seed it is considerably worse. One part is solid dampness but the larger area has many trickles. I need an estimate to repair please. I took pictures but I don't see where to send them. Thanks, Dianne
in Erie
Buyer has concerns over basement at house they are considering
Conway St in Erie
Below my chimney is an old ash return - it leaks decent amount of water with each rain
in Erie
Have a leaky foundation at my girlfriend's house there at the address given and wanted a quote and any ideas how to stop it and if your no to expensive have you take care of it
Charlotte Street in Erie
Considering finishing our basement in the future and want to determine what type of waterproofing will need to be done to prevent from any moisture from coming in.
Sterrettania in Erie
Leaks in basement and discolored walls...... missing morter between blocks
Marion Street in Erie
We would like our tub refinished and would like to know how much you charge for that and how soon we could have it done Thanks
in Erie
Need approximate estimate for re-glazing a bathtub. Some chip damage in floor of tub.
in Erie
Wet basement, water coming in from driveway
Wintergreen Dr in Erie
Browning/condensation on drywall in basement bathroom.
Colleen Drive in Erie
Bathtub refinish
Pepper Tree Drive in Erie
We had a sump pump failure this winter resulting in the loss of our carpet and moderate damage to the baseboard areas around the perimeter of our basement. I'm looking for an estimate to correct a potential leak in one corner of the basement (? mold issue) and also a plan/estimate to refinish the basement that will take into account future water issues.
in Erie
We are looking to install an egress window in a basement that we are Currently finishing. We are hoping for an estimate ASAP.
Ridgedale Dr in Erie
I'm looking to reglaze a tub surround that's a pinkish beige color to white. Depending on the price may also want to do the double sink too.
in Erie
The basement below my Brewery is very wet this year
Parkway Drive in Erie
Moisture in basement
S Jarrod Ct in Erie
I would like an estimate to repair a basement water penetration due to issues with the chimney foundation. There is water penetrating the exterior mortar joints and filling up the cavity and spilling into the basement through the clean-out door. The issue has recently increased in severity to the point of having water running through the basement to the floor drain during heavy snow melt or rain. One location in particular can be observed through the clean-out door in the basement, and I can provide pictures of this spot. The house has a working sump pump, but this location does not seem to feed into it.
Hershey Road in Erie
Old tub is in good shape (not stained) but not shiny. Is there a finish for that?
in Erie
We are looking for estimates for mold removal on our basement walls as well as some water leaking in through bilco doors.
Wagner Street in Erie
We have a house we are remodeling and were thinking about replacing the tub and surround but thought it might be cheaper and easier to just have it refinished. It is white with a few small holes in the surround where a previous shower door was installed at one time. There are some "spider" cracks in the bottom of the tub, but no leaks that we are aware of. If you could give me a rough estimate on what it might run to have it refinished, that would be great. Thank you.
in Erie
Need to have bath tube and shower redone
Clayton Ave in Erie
Mold in basement
in Erie
Basement leak
Meadowrue Ln in Erie
Power went out last night & I spent most of the night scooping up water to prevent my basement from flooding
in Erie
I would like to refinish a ceramic bathtub.
Greenway DR in Erie
Water leaking in basement closet
Scott St in Erie
I have walls around my bathtub that look like they are falling apart.I would like to get an estimate to see how much it would be to replace the surrounding walls with tile, or something similar to it.
in Erie
Reglaze tub and shower walls
Harborgreene Rd in Erie
Want to make our sump pump system quiter as it gets really loud plus it's old. I checked out your package of where you get a nice airtight cast iron seal with a better sump pump plus battery backup which I'm interested in unless there's something you might see that is a better option.
Spruce Drive in Erie
1) water leaking into basement corner from block 2) during heavy rain water has flooded an integral garage located in the basement 3) glass block windows need attention
in Erie
We would like an estimate for a shower remodel.
in Erie
Waterlines in basement,weeping, slightly bowed walls.
East Lake Rd in Erie
We have the B-Dry system in place (perimeter pipes) with no current sump pump. We have been dealing with recurring flooding from the floor drains since the major snowfall/thaw because the B-Dry system empties into the floor drain. We would like a full sump pump kit installed inline with the existing drainage pipes with water discharged to the yard.
Four Seasons Trail in Erie
I am a realtor with Coldwell Banker. A client of mine made an offer on a home, that may have some moisture problems in the basement. We are looking for advice/estimate of what it would cost to resolve the issue.
Exeter Rd in Erie
Bathroom remodel
Tulane Ave in Erie
Wet spots on my basement floor.. basement is completely finished minus the flooring due to issues with water recently discovered
Patterson Ave in Erie
Pump is not pumping water.
Mingo Ave in Erie
We are trying to sell our house. We have a french drain system in our basement and it leaks sometimes during heavy rain or snow melting. Weve had several potential buyers not like the french drain so we wanted to price putting a sump pump system in the basement. Thanks
in Erie
Finished basement water coming in near downstairs bathroom
Parkside Dr in Erie
Water leaking into basement
Tuttle Ave in Erie
Wet basement, water is not going to sub pump reservoir.
Caughey Road in Erie
Our crawlspace needs some side has some undermining issues, there are a few leaks, and the tarps need to be replaced...
Saltsman Rd in Erie
Looking to get your opinion on how to keep basement from flooding. We do not have a sump pump, and most of the water comes up from the center drain pipe in basement floor, although this last time we had some come from one corner of the basement and up through some cracks in the floor. Only happens during extremely heavy rains(3 times in past 4 years). It is a finished basement. Was recommended to contact you about possibly putting in a sump pump.
in Erie
Have an old tub that needs reglazed and i also need a wall surround put over my existing tiles
Hazel Street in Erie
Bathroom remodel
in Erie
I would like to have a free estimate given to put in a new shower surround in my ground floor bathroom. There is currently one in place, but would like to replace it. I am looking to schedule time the week of December 26th if possible. I will be home all week.
Cumberland Road in Erie
Water leaked through walls and floor cracks during that last rain storm. We need mold removed and basement waterproofed.
Beech Ave in Erie
Reglazing old yellow bathtub, bathroom remodel
Cumberland Road in Erie
Water leaked through walls and floor cracks during that last rain storm. We need mold removed and basement waterproofed.
Cumberland Road in Erie
Water leaked into basementt through the walls and floor cracks with that last bad rain storm.
in Erie
Looking for estimates to have the bilko door foundation repaired as well as the water leaking into the basement as a result of this problem. looking to gather estimates now and start work early spring 2018
Grubb Rd in Erie
Bathtub that needs reglazing. Currently has paint like substance peeling off when wet
in Erie
Water in basement after heavy rain storms on south side of house
Glenridge Rd in Erie
I have a 15 to 20 ft section of basement concrete block wall where water is seeping through the seam between the lower edge of the wall and the concrete basement floor after heavy rain.
Frontenac Dr. in Erie
Wet basement, water seeping in from outside, noticed cracks along walls
EAST AVE in Erie
Meridian Drive in Erie
I need a quote on a sump pump and backup battery system for my basement.
Cherry in Erie
Water coming in from 2 walls of my basement. Need Help!!!!
Boyer Road in Erie
Need to replace a corner shower in my master bath. 38"x38"
Washington Ave in Erie
I would like an estimate on re-glazing my 5 foot cast iron bathtub.
Plum Street in Erie
Good morning, I have a basement in my home that is having some problems with leaks on my west wall. Upon my own inspection, I am finding that the paint is peeling off and during heavy rain, there is water that sits by the wall and will eventually drain. I'm hoping there is someone that can take a look at it and provide me a quote to get this repaired. I appreciate your time. Have a great day! Jared Kolson
Union Ave in Erie
Water seepage through where wall meets floor in few spots. Had backwater prevention valve installed few yrs ago do to sewage backup issues with heavy rain.
in Erie
Plum St in Erie
My basement has a slow leak along north wall and has water pouring in from cracks along a south wall
Raspberry St in Erie
Everytime it rains, little rivers come and run into the basement drain. Causing damage Everytime.
Pepperwood Cir. in Erie
Install moisture barrier in crawl space.
Carter Ave in Erie
Clawfoot tub reglazing estimate
Cole Dr in Erie
I am considering finishing half my basement and want a quote on an egress window. I have no idea what they would cost so even a ballpark at first would be great. I also have a sump pump currently in the basement with just wood over it. I would be interested in seeing how much it would be to change it out and have a newer air proof one. Really just looking for budgetary numbers right now.
Glenwood Park Ave in Erie
We have a cracked shower base in our apartment building. It is a Terrazzo base and we were looking to have a polymer shower inlay applied to the base to seal the bottom. It is approx. 31X33.
Elmwood Ave in Erie
My basement has been leaking and I would like an estimate on repair . Thank you
in Erie
I left my info here a few weeks ago. Someone did try to contact me, but it was at a very busy time for me. Please get back to me again. I need a shower in my old bathroom.
in Erie
We have a 100 year old house in the city of erie. The stand up shower in the bathroom has seen different stages of updates throughout the years prior to our purchase. It's functional but it's not ideal.
Howe Ave in Erie
Our tub is old, gross, and outdated. Just remodeled the rest of the bathroom, but the tub needs help.
Priestley Ave in Erie
I own a row house in,Lawrence Park. When a lot of rain falls,I'm getting small amounts of water into my basement in the front and back of the basement in 2 specific areas.
Anne MArie DR in Erie
Remove acrylic tub and replace with shower. Also want flooring replaced
Poplar St in Erie
Due to knee and leg problems I have a hard time getting in and out of tub, so we arelooking to either do a tub cut or a walk in shower
in Erie
Sump pump, sewage pump, and crawl space issues.
New surround and lay-over tub
Victoria Way in Erie
I would like to replace an existing sump pump in my basement. I have two existing pumps - one is your brand that was installed in December 2016 and the other is a different brand which was installed several years ago. I would like to replace the older pump.
in Erie
We need glass block window in basement.
W Gore Rd in Erie
Leaky basement window. Water in basement under front door and through bad window after heavy rain.
Harvest Bnd in Erie
Hello, One corner of my basement shows presence of mold. Not sure if water is leaking through. Thanks Gerald
Colorado Dr in Erie
in Erie
When it rains, there is a small "stream" of water going through the middle of my basement and we used drylock on the walls last summer and they have yellowed already from water. I just wanted a quote of what it would cost and what could be done to fix this
Briar Dr in Erie
Basement flooding after rain
in Erie
Upstairs Bathroom tub flaking. Surround is cracking. Window covered behind the cement board. Downstairs walk in shower drain not seated properly and leaking.
Poplar St in Erie
Need to insulate a crawl space. Approximately 10 x 10
Oregon Ave. in Erie
Damp basement. Walls on north and south side of the house yellowing and peeling. Basement was half finished when we moved in in 1996. House built in 1953.
in Erie
Wet basement
in Erie
Water in basement after heavy rains. I've tried leveling the cement next to my house among other things to stop the water and nothing seems to be helping.
Liberty ST. in Erie
Leaking in a basement rental and we don't know why .
South Shore Drive in Erie
Basement leaks.
in Erie
Flooding along south wall of basement. Previous owner installed some finished walls, and water is coming in behind them.
Lexington St in Erie
Basement window seal broke and water is pouring in through the sides
in Erie
Would like a quote on refinishing bathtubs for our apartment complex.
in Erie
I try to avoid going to the basement for any reason. It's damp and musty. I suspect it needs to be waterproofed, but I'd like to know if it needs anything else.
Beverly Dr in Erie
Leaking water from crack in basement floor after heavy rain
Asbury Road in Erie
We have a cast iron tub that is in great condition but is PINK :) We are getting our bathroom remodeled beginning April 9th and are looking at getting a quote on reglazing our tub. I was just reading about a tub liner so would like info on that too.
in Erie
I want to remodel my bathroom so I can have a freestanding bathtub and a walk in shower next to it .And I'm trying to get a his and hers sink in the bathroom as well
Aaron Rd in Erie
I have a vinyl shower stall that needs replaced. Tried painting and it is chipping again. Would be interested in similar replacement. Thanks
Winterberry LN in Erie
Need mold growth evaluated in our basement.
in Erie
Need tub re glazed, new tub surround,and new fixtures.
in Erie
I am purchasing the home at the address referenced above. The bathroom has pink tile throughout -- walls, floor, and bathtub/shower. I'd like to reglaze the tile white. I can arrange with realtor to let you into home to get estimate on what this re-glaze job would take. Please call to coordinate.
State ST in Erie
I need 2 egress windows for my basement renovation
Genesee in Erie
Had our pipes replaced and now have water running into our basement.
Reed Road in Erie
Parkside Ave in Erie
I am doing a bathroom remodel and I have a sink basin (fiberglass) that I would like to get refinished. How much would it cost?
in Erie
First and foremost, i would like to replace my tub and shower. Not sure if you do complete remodeling, like flooring, walls, etc.
Hampshire Road in Erie
I am planning on finishing a section of my basement. There was an addition made where the basement was extended onto the original basement. There is a very slight leak where the two foundations meet. I have tried hydraulic cement without any luck.
Water on floor in crawl space under family room
in Erie
Small leak on interior basement wall where the block and floor meet. You can call early AM
Intrepid Drive in Erie
I would like a quote for your TripleSafe Sump Pump system, along with the IceGuard system (currently have home-made anti-freeze thing in place). Our sump was installed when house was built in 1998, and just died the other day and my alarm went off. I dropped a new temp pump in there, connected to existing discharge line, so there is no rush as this temp will work if it is easier to wait till the thaw to replace everything, since discharge is on steep snowy hill behind house. Sump area is in closet in corner of basement, with some possible obstructions (shelves), so I can disassemble all that if it is in the way.
Pacific in Erie
My daughter is looking at buying a home which has a wet basement. In the sales agreement we will get the seller to fix it (they have already agreed verbally). We want to make sure they fix it right by a licensed contractor with a guarantee. Call me. Rick
Bird Drive in Erie
Musty odors
Village Street in Erie
Sump pump concerns, mold in basement
Oakhill Rd in Erie
Wet Basement when it rains or melting snow.
in Erie
Water in basement coming in though cinder block wall. I think there is an underground spring because the water company tested the water and it is not any city water.
Fargo Street in Erie
Basement wall dampness. Want it fixed before completing an additional bedroom there.
in Erie
Hi, would like a quote on bathtub re-glaze and surrounding shower. thanks, mary anne schillinger
in Erie
Basement leaking in several places.
We live in a older home and our bathtub/shower enclosure needs some attention. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
Woodbriar Lane in Erie
E-mail is easier to communicate with me. that is my office number and for various reasons, I do not want calls. I have a 1989 bathroom with emerald green fixtures including two sinks, toliet and a large jetted tub. Can these items be refinished in white? let me know thanks Jack
in Erie
I have an old tub that is flaking and a shower that is just too small...I just moved into this house.
Genesee Ave in Erie
Basement wall s. Leaking
in Erie
Have lived in our house for 34 years without a wet basement. Now discovered that part of it is having water seepage at NE corner of home. Home built in the 1950's.
in Erie
Just wanted a quick way to cover up an old tile walled bathtub surround with a bathtub cover and have new fixtures installed. Just need to know if it will fit in our budget.!? Thank you- Drew
Pelham Rd in Erie
I am interested in an acrylic tub liner and shower surround. I do not want a total replacement...just the liners. Please contact me through email to schedule the estimate, if possible. Email is more accessible to me during the day while I am at work.
North Tracy in Erie
Dated tub color and damaged/deteriorating tile surround.
Smithson in Erie
Basement has a little water in it after it rains especially. Also walls of the basement look to be a little water damaged.
Wyoming Ave. in Erie
Bowing basement block wall. Would like a consultation for repair methods and cost estimate.
Martin in Erie
We have a 25 year old Lasko one piece Fiberglass shower enclosure 4 feet in length, 3 foot depth and 6 feet tall in a light beige color that we are interested in getting refinished. I've noticed that there are two tiny hairline cracks in the floor and the floor seems less stable than it originally did years ago. We would like the finish coat to match our Kohler white toilet. Please let me know the approximate cost. Also, is the finish smooth and glossy? Is the finish an epoxy? How long does it last and can this be redone again in the future? Thanks
Wattsburg Rd in Erie
Cannot get tub clean. possibly interested in tub surround.
Reese Road in Erie
The original bathtub is pink. The house was built in 1969. We would like to re-glaze it white.
Asbury Road in Erie
We are looking to reglaze our cast iron bathtub.
Vermont Ave in Erie
Current bathtub is avocado green. Would like the existing tub to be re-glazed to white color.
Cherokee Dr in Erie
We are looking for a quote on refinishing of a tub.
Alison Ave in Erie
I would like to have my tub converted to a low entry shower.
Brooksboro Drive in Erie
I have a tub/shower that I would like to convert into a shower only. Tub/shower is fiberglass and dated and sliding doors difficult to open and close; I suspect the frame may be bent. Would like an updated look. Do not want a shower curtain but rather a sliding shower door instead which is what I currently have. When choosing the new fixtures, I would also like the vanity faucet and toilet flush replaced to match.
in Erie
We are selling my father's house and he has always had wet basement. We need a couple estimates to see what it will cost us to fix the problem.
Liberty Street in Erie
Install tub/shower surround, possible bathroom remodel renovation
in Erie
Estimate on bathtub refinishing
Mohawk Dr in Erie
Remodeling my bathroom. Tub change to white. need to change pink and blue tiles into white subway tiles. Floor change to white tiles.
Indiana Drive in Erie
Tub needs reglazed. Looking for bright white.
in Erie
Tub needs reglazing.
Rankine Avenue in Erie
Water along inside basement wall
in Erie
I have a french drain system around the perimeter of the basement, and it gets clogged with iron sludge when it rains/thaws a good amount and comes up between the floor and wall.
in Erie
1. The current tub we have was resurfaced/reglazed 20+years ago can it be done again? 2. What is the warranty on the work and resurfacing? 3. Average cost for a standard tub? Thank you for your help. Becky Thiele
Harvard Rd in Erie
I just purchased my house last august. The basement was sold as half finished with dry wall. However after the first rain storm i found water puddling on the floor under the dry wall. After tearing down the sheet rock, i exposed a block wall that has cracking and a slight bow. Water leaks in during every rain storm. I am looking for a quote to install a french drain and sump pump on the inside of the basement wall.
Charlotte Street in Erie
I need an estimate on a bathroom. The tub and the surrounding tile. Looking for a day and time that might work to get your free estimate. Please contact me back so I can set that up with you. Thank you, Wes Cole
Court Ave in Erie
I would like to convert our tub into a walk in shower and would like to get an estimate. do you have senior discounts or financing?
Florence Ave in Erie
We have a bathtub that is old and discolored that we would like to try and have reglazed so that we can begin redoing our bathroom.
Page St. in Erie
One area of one basement wall leaks after rainy weather. Is an Unfinished basement with painted block walls and floor.
in Erie
Getting ready to sell my house and would like to have the bath tub reglazed and sealed.
E Lake Rd in Erie
Tub needs reglazed
Amherst in Erie
Small water leaking - horizontal crsck
La Salle Ave in Erie
Cost ro refinish main level bathtub
in Erie
Looking to get a cost on refinishing just a bathtub
Ledwick Dr. in Erie
We would like to set up an appointment for someone to come look at our wet basement & foundation issues and provide us with a quote.
Vermont Ave in Erie
Hi! Found lead on bathtub. Was wondering average cost to reglaze. Thank you
in Erie
Interested in getting an estimate down the road to reglaze my bathtub and bathroom sink. Likely original from 1956, both white, but sink shows a crack in the surface, not a through crack, and tub is stained since before I moved in 12 years ago. Do not want to replace, just resurface.
in Erie
I would just like a quote on glazing my bathtub, possible my tile wall :-)
in Erie
I currently have sump pump running to road and the city is going to issue a 10 day fix. I need a dry well built asap.
Mcclelland Avenue in Erie
Smell of must and water spots in basement, possibly permeating up to 1st floor of home.
Parkway Drive in Erie
Would like to have an estimate completed for remodeling a bath room.
in Erie
Would like a quote on getting the 3 units below re-glazed. Iron Claw Tub Small bathroom sink Kitchen sink
in Erie
I am looking for a new tub surround. I currently have sliding doors and want to get rid of and put up a curved shower rod w curtain. Need a new light fixture above sink.
Sir Hue Dr in Erie
Small bathroom (8'x5') with walk-in shower - need to replace shower stall and probably have some rot in the floor.
Zuck Road in Erie
Our tub is old and worn out but cannot be covered over due to the design. It needs to be re-finished in light blue, if possible. We would like a quote to have it refinished. Thank you.
in Erie
I have a one piece almond yellow fiberglass tub and surround unit. It has a few holes left over from the old doors that I removed. Wondering if the holes can be repaired and if the tub can be white.
Hess Ave in Erie
Basement wall leaks and would like to have another room in the basement. Just see what I need to get started.
Harvey Ave in Erie
I need a quote for re glazing a bath tub and tub surround replacement
Alan Dr. in Erie
Wet basement
McClelland Ave in Erie
Small area puddling in basement after rain.
West Gore Road in Erie
Water in basement ... Would like to finish off into bedroom and bathroom.
in Erie
Need a bathtub reglazed-quote. Also would like to replace a sink/vanity can not find the size I need commercially
in Erie
Need an estimate for a bathtub refinishing.
West Arlington Rd in Erie
Shower is leaking into first floor below. It is old, and needs replaced.
in Erie
Water coming in through the walls and in corners of the basement as well as mold
in Erie
Walk-in tile shower with grout that will not clean, also outdated colors. Considering full tear out and redo, but would prefer to refinish the tile in a different color.
Tuttle Avenue in Erie
We are interested in getting our bathtub reglazed
E Grandview Blvd in Erie
I am looking to change the color of my current bathtub from golden yellow to white. Also, I want to get rid of the tiling in my bathtub and replace it with a different newer updated tiling.
Zwilling Rd West in Erie
Converting bathtub to shower, cutting an opening. Cost and time frame thanks
Hawick Rd in Erie
I have a fiberglass complete tub/shower insert with the top. currently it is pink/salmon color. I am considering replacing but wanted to see if its possible to paint and how durable that would be.
Miller Ave. in Erie
We have an old bathtub with glass shower doors. We would like to have the doors removed, the tub reglazed and new fixtures done.
Connecticut in Erie
Would like quote on tub and surrond. new home we are purchasing , get possession 9/8.
Midland Drive in Erie
Bath tub and surround
Millfair Road in Erie
Hello, Our tub surround is UGLY, water leaks into the basement when we shower. Want to regalze the tub and get pricing for Tile and a new tub surround. Want to compare the cost. Best time to come quote will be during the week after 6pm or on a Saturday. Please call me so we can schedule an appointment. Not sure if we are going to do the tub surround or tile. I would LOVE to tile but it depends on the rate. Greenboard or whatever is behind tub surround will more then likely need replaced as it has been leaking.
East Ave in Erie
Surface water coming in through basement wall off of the driveway.
in Erie
We are interested in refinishing an old tub (metal) and tub surround (fiberglass) in a rental unit.
Connecticut Drive in Erie
We are having a water intrusion problem and would like your advice on how to solve it
Hershey Rd in Erie
Water in basement
Priscilla Dr. in Erie
My porcelain tub is damaged (rough, stained), and it needs to be reglazed. Can you please provide a quote? Thank you.
Rondeau in Erie
We need our tub painted. We may replace the shower hardware as well.
Melrose Ave in Erie
Water coming through walls
in Erie
Water is getting into the basement through foundation walls
Filmore Avenue in Erie
Currently remodeling our bathroom...completely gutted. The only old item is our bathtub. We are looking for a quote to reglaze the tub and to decide on the best time to complete the process...before or after the tile work is done.
in Erie
Looking to recover or re glaze 1 possibly 2 bath tubs.
Megan Court in Erie
We are looking for a quote to replace our current sump pump with the sump pump system described on your website.
Fremont St. in Erie
Refinish a pink tub. Also if we should do that before putting down new floor, or after.
Sassafras St in Erie
Bath tub peeling. Need to refinish single bath tub. Thanks.
in Erie
We are considering a bathroom remodel and are interested in learning how you might be able to help us.
Strathmore Ave in Erie
Would like to fix our very wet basement.
in Erie
Basement mold and leaking
McConnell Avenue in Erie
I would like pricing information on the cost of re-glazing a bathtub/shower area. Thank you!
in Erie
Slight water in basement on heavy rainstorms. Dampness.
Woodlawn Ave. in Erie
Basement water seepage
Sunset Blvd in Erie
A water puddle in my basement. Is present during winter and spring, unless there is an extended freeze.
Berkshire Lane in Erie
I am looking at having my bathtub refinished and would like to schedule a quote
Perry Highway in Erie
Bath tub was refinished several years ago, needs redone
Mckee in Erie
Bathtub reglazing from Pink to bright white
Stuart Way in Erie
We are looking to paint or cover our blue bathtub.
in Erie
I am wanting a quote on covering my bathtub.
Mcclelland Ave in Erie
Reglaze tub for newer look
Vermont Ave in Erie
I would like to have my bathtub refinished. The previous owner appeared to have painted it, and the paint has been chipping away.
Allegheny Rd in Erie
I would like an estimate on a tub liner and new tub surround
Crotty Drive in Erie
Green bathtub needs re-glazed, preferably white.
in Erie
There are cracks in the fiberglass tub that have cause a leak. Will a new liner solve this problem. the leak and cracks are near the drain lever/overflow.
Indian Drive in Erie
I would like to get an estimate on getting a porcelain bathtub reglazed.
Charlotte Street in Erie
Bathtub and Sink are in need of refinishing.
Smithson Ave in Erie
I am having leaking issues in my basement. It is leaking from every wall but only at the base on the walls. We tried to patch a few spots but it keeps getting worse as the snow melts and is causing a good amount of water to come in.
Berkeley in Erie
I have water leaking through my basement walls.
Priestley Ave in Erie
Need a new shower surround, new bathroom flooring, some water damage from gap between current surround and bathtub
in Erie
I recently needed to remove part of my surround so that a plumber could gain access. The surround cracked, so now I am shopping around.
in Erie
Hello - I am redoing my bathroom, and need the bathtub "reglazed". It is white, and in relatively good/clean condition. Just want it to new. Walls and floor are stripped, so minimal masking or concern for mess. It is standard size bathtub, cast-iron I believe, as the house was built in the 50's.
Parade Blvd in Erie
Looking for quotes to refinish porcelain bathtub.
in Erie
Tub needs replaced or refinished, and shower needs added. Also looking at walls and flooring.
Sassafras St. in Erie
Bath tub is peeling. Needs to be re-glazed.
Cherry Street Extension in Erie
Have an existing tub that I want to remain as a tub for my mother but need a door access for my dad to use as a shower. My dad is unable to lift his legs over the side to get into and out of the tub.
Tyndall Ave.. in Erie
Old cast iron tub needs color change and refinished. Also old tub surround needs removed and replaced.
in Erie
Basement is wet and would like a professional opinion on correcting the issue.
Virginia Avenue in Erie
Looking into receiving estimates on 2 full bath remodels and options for keeping cost at minimum.
Lorwood Drive in Erie
I would like to receive an estimate on refinishing a bath tub and a shower. Also, do you install shower faucets?
Bradford Ave in Erie
Bath tub has a large crack in the center and we need an estimate for a new tub.
in Erie
Tiled shower stall leaking through the floor. considering either re-tiling or an insert.
Robison Rd. in Erie
Water is bubbling through cracks in the basement concrete floor. It is not coming in through the walls or windows but the floor anywhere there is a crack in the floor.
Linwood Ave in Erie
Cracks in walls leak water. Mold growth.
Buffalo Road in Erie
Claw foot tub with lead leaching through. Needs refinished asap
Sandy Trail in Erie
Glasss walk in shower with tile floors
in Erie
I want my basement to be water proof.
Prospect Ave in Erie
Need a new shower and tub. We don't want to remove anything, just put a cover on it.
East Lake Rd in Erie
Bathroom needs re done.
Eagle Point Blvd in Erie
We would like our bathtub resurfaced. The size is a standard size tub, no shower walls needed.
Annendale Drive in Erie
I am looking for a reputable refinished for a large size whirlpool tub.
Madeira Dr in Erie
Damp basement corner in finished basement
Lakefront Drive in Erie
Would like to talk to some one about covering existing tub and other bath room work
Glenwwod in Erie
Entire bathroom remoduling
Regis Drive in Erie
Would like to get a quote and some ideas of how to remodel atleast 1 of my bathrooms maybe both. Thanks, Kim
Harvest Bend in Erie
Although its still working my sump pump is old and I need to replace it. The zoeller98 looks good .
Saint Ann Dr in Erie
We get water in the basement during hard rains.
Beverly Dr in Erie
My basement walls need to be sealed.
in Erie
Would like a quote on refinishing my tub and shower.
La Salle Avenue in Erie
Looking to update/ gut our main bath and get an estimate.
Davison in Erie
Tub to walk in shower
Irvine Drive in Erie
I have an addition on my house that is aprox 490 to 500sqft. under this addition is a dirt floor and a crawlspace with about 4 feet of clearance and a 3x2 foot window access. The current dirt floor has clear plastic laid overlayed over the whole area, but it is just dropped there with gaps and bald areas and is not adhered to the wall in any way. My basement is very humid and has an heavy mildew smell even with a dehumidifier running. I am looking for a quote on an installed vapor barrier over the whole area that is higher quality and properly connected to the wall. Thanks!
Ridge PKWY in Erie
We have a porcelain bathtub with plastic around the walls which now has mold all over. We would like something that would cover the old blue bathtub as well as the walls.
in Erie
Interested in getting basement waterproofed, also have mold problem on walls, concerned for health of toddler
Shawnee Drive in Erie
Bathub reglaze
in Erie
Water is continually running through my basement, even in the winter. A sewer backup last week, resulting in the gutting of my basement, has shown some pretty serious damage to the foundation of my home. I've lived in the home 15 years, this is a new problem over the last few years. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
East Grandview in Erie
Looking to remodel the bathroom with gutting the whole room. The only thing I like in my Bathroom is the Tub.
English Ave in Erie
I'm looking to finish my basement but I get ground water in my basement every time it rains. and only when it rains. Calling to get quotes from places and would like you guys to take a look!
in Erie
Damp basement. Mold on joist, penicillium/Aspergillus. Seller has had floor drilled in areas to let water drain through.
Mcclelland Avenue in Erie
Estimate Bathroom Remodel/Bathtub Refinish
Kellogg in Erie
Needs water proofing and wall needs fixed in back
in Erie
Have a leak coming through my basement wall or floor in the corner of my basement. Only happens when it rains very hard.
Anne MArie DR in Erie
BAsement wall crack
Shenley Dr in Erie
Moist/damp basement. Signs of leaking.
in Erie
Our bath is stained yellow and is completely covered in mildew constantly. We try to clean it and it still looks absolutely gross!!! We also have a hole in the tub that we filled with silicone. We are looking to really brighten it up!!!
in Erie
I have a basement that has water damage due to leaky foundation which also has turned into a mold problem as well.
in Erie
I would like to have a tile shower refinished in a different color. The floor is a pan, not a bathtub.
Zimmerly Road in Erie
Old outdated bathrooms
Fairmount Parkway in Erie
Wet basement water is seeping in between floor and wall joints,possible bowing wall
Wedgewood Dr in Erie
I have a full bathroom that I would like to get updated before I put my house on the market.
Carver Avenue in Erie
We are experiencing water coming through our basement floor, underneath our basement stairs and our basement window.
Union Av in Erie
Bathroom remodel. New floor & toilet, new sink & cabinet etc, new light fixtures, new tub & a tub surround or tub to shower conversion.
Wilkins Rd in Erie
Water seeping in through walls of basement in several areas
in Erie
We have occasional leaking in the basement after heavy rain. Also some more cracks after this past winter. Foundation is buckled but has straps already installed. Basement is partially finished.
Taki Dr in Erie
I live a older mobile home. the bathroom need some work. I would like the most inexpensive solution I am on a fixed income. Would like an estament please. let me know when, thank you
Hershey Rd in Erie
Continual water problem in basement.
Meridian Dr in Erie
Uphill South basement wall bowed. Have Klein perimeter drain and sump. I am interested in a Wall Anchor system to straighten bowed south basement wall.
Kuntz in Erie
Water leaking in basement on one wall during heavy rain season. Would like to discuss options available.
Sterrettania Road in Erie
We are in the process of purchasing this home and would like to finish the basement shortly after moving in. The basement was recently sealed, with french drains installed and a newly paninted floor. The basement has 3 sump pumps which leads me to believe that during heavy rain that water may be a problem down there but the seller's havent been fully forthcoming about non-disclosed problems. I have heard great things about your system, and was trying to get a price and also an idea if your system would be worthwhile in our situation.
Poplar St in Erie
Basement is leaking, and now seeing mold on floor beams
Azalea Circle in Erie
My basement is very wet. i have mold starting to grow on some walls.
Culpepper Dr in Erie
Water in basement after heavy rain
Greenhurst Deive in Erie
I have a leak in my basement. It drips when there is heavy rain.
in Erie
Our basement gets extremely wet. Puddles form in certain areas and the walls have noticeable water damage. The previous owners seem to have painted something over it which is now chipping and creating a mess. I'm trying to figure out what the best option is but I'm not sure. We also have a crawl space that could be looked at and could also be the main source of water
Schaper Ave. in Erie
We need to replace/refinish our existing tub, and we would also like to tile around the tub/shower.
Boyer Road in Erie
Would like to replace the shower system presently downstairs in the basement. It may be leaking.
Sodhaven Drive in Erie
Re-do bathtub walls for one and maybe two bathrooms. Also, possibly re-do shower walls for third bathroom.
Woodlawn Avenue in Erie
Water coming in basement family room
in Erie
Water coming in through north wall
Crotty Drive Ext in Erie
Outdated bathrooms one is green tile and tub the other is pink tile looking to have tile and tub refinished
Raspberry St in Erie
Looking to have a cast iron tub refinished possibly adding a tub surround as well depending on price.
in Erie
Basement leaks depending on guard it rains is the amount of water that is in my home
Station Road in Erie
Would like a quote for tub reglazing, replacement of shower surround. Also tub drain and shower faucet replacement.
in Erie
Our basement does not flood, but moisture does enter through the bottom layers of cinder block, and around an old coal chute. There is also the front wall that needs repaired, likely due to the moisture as well.
in Erie
In a crawl space under the porch when it rains heavy or the ground is saturated we get a little stream of water.
Wattsburg Road in Erie
Interested in obtaining a dry basement, preventing water from entering basement.
Beachgrove Drive in Erie
Some water in basement when it rains.
Knoyle Rd in Erie
Would like the bathtub refinished.
East Gore Rd. in Erie
Wet walls
Breezeway Dr in Erie
I have a pink bathtub and surround and would like it to be white and new surround installed.
East Gore Rd in Erie
My wife and I just purchased our home last year. The main bathroom needs some TLC. The tub is flaking in a few spots, and the caulking around the shower / tub is gross and needs replaced. We are cheap skates, is something like this super expensive?
Chelsea Ave in Erie
I have an older house with water stains on the basement walls, and water leaks up through the floor after heavy rain.I would like an estimate to determine if should fix it myself or have it done by a professional.
Roxanna Dr in Erie
Seepage on the basement floor
in Erie
Just put new finish on existing tub. Approximate cost.
in Erie
Basement wall are caving in
Napier Ave in Erie
Looking at having my tub taken care of. It is peeling apart so to say, I have sliding doors that I would love removed and tile wall which would prefer a surround wall.
in Erie
Estimate requested on the repair of one basement wall
in Erie
Our basement floods with this strange orange mud when it rains. Rinsing the drain out with a hose helps but only for a short time. We have a French drain.
Washington Avenue in Erie
We bought a house with a leaky basement a year ago. We stopped it when we waterproofed the basement walls after we moved in, but the outside of the foundation also needs done. The slope of the earth is also leaning toward the house and the drain leading to the curb of the front street is not working.
W Arlington Rd in Erie
Interested in info/pricing on tub and surrounding bathroom tile re-glazing. Thanks
Stanton St in Erie
Water seeping in finish basement corner....mold growing in that area also
Poplar St in Erie
Cement floor is carcking, has holes in it. Some moisture, but not bad.
Poplar Street in Erie
Remodeling bathroom, includes pluming,floor tailing,
in Erie
I have a very small bathroom in my house that is approx 4f 9in x 8f. It is very outdated with it's tile color and floor. I may consider replacing the tub/shower stall with a shower only stall, but not sure yet. I would like to get ideas and an estimate to remake the bathroom.
Lake Cliff in Erie
I have a tile bathroom there are loose tiles and missing tiles in the tub area. And also the color is pink .
Pennsylvania Ave in Erie
Would like to have tub removed and walk in shower installed
in Erie
I would like to have a quote for the cost to purchase and install a sump pump into my unfinished basement.
in Erie
Need to get a emergency window installed in my basement
Crosswinds Drive in Erie
West facing wall has water issues during heavy rain or big thaw. Basement is finished although bottom half of framed wall I have removed and carpet has been removed from effected side. Basement has a sump. Water issues likely due to poor grade on back yard. Need resolution and estimate as to whether back yard needs to be repaired before basement is completed or if I can do basement first and not have to worry about the back yard. Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings are my best days for availability to be at home for estimate.
West Lake Road in Erie
Our porcelain tub is 1960's yellow. We would like to change the color to gray without having to replace the tub.
in Erie
I have a cracked tub. Want a whole New fiberglass bathtub. Perhaps designed with a bench or seat to allow me to sit.
in Erie
I have a cracked tub. Want a whole New fiberglass bathtub. Perhaps designed with a bench or seat to allow me to sit.
Court Ave in Erie
Planning to remodel bathroom in summer. Looking for estimates for different levels of remodel. Also interested in any warranty/financing information.
Robinhood Lane in Erie
Need a corner shower surround replaced. Want a clear glass, seamless surround.
Holland Street in Erie
Leaking in corners of basement
Glenwood Blvd in Erie
We are looking to renovate one bathroom with a new shower and tub, toilet and sinks we are going to try and keep the existing floor and layout. In addition we are looking to add a 3/4 bathroom above this existing bathroom. Thanks Mike
Burton Ave in Erie
Recently moved into a new home that we are updating. the bathroom was not equipped for a shower so the tile only goes halfway up the wall. Looking to completely remodel but keep the sink and toilet
in Erie
Boyer Rd in Erie
Water coming in the basement through the floor
Carver Avenue in Erie
Water seeping through the basement foundation on one wall.
Marshall Drive in Erie
Living room floor dips down on one side. Due to beam in basement cracking.
Need a blue tub reglazed to a beige
in Erie
Water comes in through basement walls during heavy rain, there is mold growth on block.
Hershey Rd in Erie
New tub/shower install
Wyoming Ave in Erie
Looking to remodel our main bathroom. Needs new tub and shower surround
Mill St in Erie
Have one piece tub surround. Want to remove & convert to full shower.
Court Avenue in Erie
Small bathroom in need of remodeling. would like to maintain the window for natural interested in installing a Safestep walkin tub, replacing toilet and vanity and light fixtures, flooring,wall covering...the works... the sooner the !
in Erie
My basement has a french drain but I am still experiencing water that comes up through the floor as well as through one wall. I'm not sure if the french drain was professionally installed.(done by prior owner) There is a gap between wall and floor along the back wall of our house...deterring people from purchasing our home now that we are trying to sell it. Interested in a professional opinion.
Patterson Ave in Erie
Water leaks into basement
in Erie
Free Estimate on bath and shower upgrade
Robin Drive in Erie
I just need my porcelain bathtub refinished. I will be installing a tub surround separately.
Poplar St in Erie
Remodel the basement.
in Erie
Two outdated bathrooms -- questions regarding bathtub refinishing in first bathroom & more extensive work in second bathroom.
Holly Dr. in Erie
Have some wet spots on basement walls
in Erie
Water marks on wall. Need walls sealed with a waterproof sealer in my basement plus treatment on walls for any mold/mildew. Room size approx 22' x 15' We already have a sump pump installed.
Ridgedale Drive in Erie
We are looking for a professional to resurface the Kelly green jacuzzi tub in our master bath. We are going to plug the jets and just go over everything. Thank you for your time!
Asbury in Erie
We moved into a house with a large basement in April, and have recently noticed some mold growth on items stored in our basement. There also appears to be mildew growth on the basement walls. We'd like to get a quote on what can be done to reduce the moisture (and associated mold/mildew growth) in our basement. Thanks!
Wood Street in Erie
Concrete block water seepage
Applejack Drive in Erie
I have a fiberglass tub and surround that is tan, I am looking for a solution to have both the bathtub and surround in white.
Asbury Rd in Erie
Bathtub reglazing cost ? colors ? We also will be replacing floor and tub surround with tile.[ remodelling whole BR} We are probably doing this ourselves and I am not sure if we should get tub reglazed first
Grandview Blvd in Erie
I have a basic standup bath tub and shower.The tubis about 2 feet hight the front jis about 5ft. the surfacewas cleaned once with scouring power. now it stains. how much to coat.
in Erie
Would like a price on refinishing a porceline bathtub
Adelaide DR in Erie
Bath tub refinish
in Erie
Basement wall leaks when heavy rain
Perkins St in Erie
I'm interested in getting an estimate on a wet basement
Liberty St in Erie
Need basement windows replaced. Would also like to look into waterproofing our basement and make a den area.
in Erie
Wet basement.
Sunset Blvd in Erie
Bathtub refinish
in Erie
We have water coming out from a wall in our basement and as well as the middle of our floor. It doesn't happen every time it rains, just occasionally.
in Erie
Water in basement
in Erie
We have a water issue in our basement. The concrete is leaking water when it rains real bad.
Wood St in Erie
Need tub reglazed.
in Erie
Our basement develops puddles and leaks from the walls. We would like to get this fixed.
in Erie
Upstairs bathroom needs remodeled and an exhaust fan installed to remove moisture from the room.
ZUCK RD in Erie
Water seeping through walls, mold
Shenley Dr in Erie
Water coming from basement floor. Need an assessment/estimate for repair.
in Erie
Corner of basement has water coming in, small amount. Split level home- Recently purchased. We pulled a small area of the dry wall back to see it seems to only be coming from one area.
Pilgrim Dr in Erie
Water is coming in south wall of basement during heavy rain or snow melt. I would like to waterproof the basement or minimize the damage this is causing.
in Erie
WE are interested in getting an estimate on remodling our bathroom. We would like to get rid of our bath tub and have a walk-in shower.
Breezeway Drive in Erie
Bowed basement wall-estimate to repair
Cook Ave in Erie
I'd like an estimate on a basement bathroom remodel. Also, we have some problems with water leakage in the basement. I'd like to know what it would take to stop the water & add a stronger dehumidifier.
Smithson Ave in Erie
Want to have installed interior drainage system.
Shenley Drive in Erie
Just bought a house- built in 1931. Today it rained heavily and we noted around 10-12 leakers at the floor level of the basement. Leaking was mild. Would like to get a quote on possible repairs.
in Erie
Need quote on tub refinish and panel surround in wife's bathroom, perhaps replace water regulator as well.
in Erie
Standing water from basement walls
Delaware Ave in Erie
Water is dripping through painted cement block in corner and, partially along, one basement wall. We first noticed the water this weekend with the rain storms.
in Erie
The north wall and east wall in my basement are leaking along the floor.
Oakwood St in Erie
Would like a quote on wet basement problem
Brierwood Drive in Erie
Want to reglaze our current tub and put up a new vertical surround.
Parkway Drive in Erie
Leaks and damp areas in basement
in Erie
Wet walls , wet floor , mold on walls and on floor
Plum Street in Erie
Need a quote, please, on resurfacing an old claw foot porcelain tub. All old fixtures/drain will be removed before resurfacing.
Smithson Ave in Erie
Reglaze bath tub
Azalea Circle in Erie
My basement walls look exactly like the photo on your home page. I live at South Pointe Condominiums. They changed the gutter downspout lines around the building and now I have exactly what your photo shows. It all started last summer when they dug up the back yard. Looking for a solution before this gets out of hand. Now that the snow is melting, I have the leak and new black and rust colored stains. Have photos. Many thanks - Tom.
in Erie
I need a sink and clawfood tub refinished
Beech Ave in Erie
I would like an estimate on repairing/replacing then reglazing tile in my 4 peice bathroom. The bath tub also. Please contact me for scheduling asap. -Sarah
Montpelier Ave in Erie
I would like a quote on refinishing our tub, and colors, and possible install of glass doors, door options, glass options, and hardware for the door and faucets etc. Depending on price maybe tile install on the floors and in the shower. Thanks Lisa
Davison Avenue in Erie
Amount of time it will take to remodel as it is the only bathroom in the house
in Erie
I am looking to get quotes on getting my fiberglass bathtub and shower walls refinished. I do not see any cracks or damage...but the glossy finish is worn off from using abrasive chemicals. Thank you.
Short Street in Erie
I have a very old porcelin tub that needs to be refinished and brought back to life. I definitely can't afford to replace the tub, but would a fresher more modern looking tub
Skellie Ave in Erie
I would like a bathroom estimate.
Anderson Dr. in Erie
I purchased a house at an auction and it is in bad shape. Before I decide to demo it, I would like it if you could check out this basement and let me know if it is salvagable. It has water on the floor and the walls seem to be crumbling. Please contact me so you can check it out. Thanks, Mariana
Woodward Dr in Erie
After nailing into the basement floor I noticed water puddling that was never a problem before.
Smithson Ave in Erie
Water seaping throu basement wall. need to replace or remodle wall
Normandy Rue in Erie
I have concrete steps that go from my basement into the garage, over the years water has begun to seep through them into a small portion of my basement.
in Erie
Need estimate on a system similar to B-Dry for a basement area in one of our academic buildings.
Kerry Lane in Erie
Looking to have new basement windows and window wells installed
in Erie
We are trying to build a bedroom in the basement and knew there were some small leaks that would create "puddles" in the basement and we bought a paint on sealer that we thought would do the trick and did until we got the massive amount of rain from the effects of hurricane sandy where we noticed several spots that are continuing to leak. Just would like and estimate on what this would cost us to fix.
East Grandview in Erie
Need crawlspace looked at asap water coming in
Creek Lane in Erie
One corner of the basement is allowing water to seep in
Idyllbrook Court in Erie
We have a small water leakage problem in storage area of our finished basement, it may also be behind a drywall-finished wall, as well.
Vista Drive in Erie
Leaking basement wall/floor in corner of basement , basement floor cracks
Sparkhill Ave in Erie
Basement has a very strong mildew/mold smell. no water marks seen anywhere.
Smithson Ave in Erie
Have water leaking into my basement and would like to see how I could solve this problem. Thanks! Jeremy
in Erie
During heavy rains the corners of the foundation leak. There is also some cracking and mold.
Lowell Ave in Erie
I have a damp basement and would like a quote on what it would cost to fix it.
Hannon Rd in Erie
We would like a quote for our basement. It is wet (not standing water), and there might be mold.
in Erie
The work I had done was great. The guys were great. Your website needs a "comment" area so we can post GOOD things about your company.
Poplar St. in Erie
I have water coming in through a corner in our basement. I've applied hydraulic cement and it is still damp. I'd like to waterproof the wall before I finish it for a bedroom.
in Erie
Damp and water in some areas, foul smell coming in the room above and through the house
Clinton Street in Erie
I live on a hill with run off water draining toward my house. I have very little yard drainage. One section of my basement leaks all the time and the entire basement has flooded twice (in the last four years since we lived there)when there was a quick thaw followed by rain. My basement is partially finished. I'm interested in having an inspection and estimate on what it would take to make repairs. Thank you.
Bonnie Brae in Erie
Two wet walls with crstallization and perhaps mold. One company suggested the french drains need replaced. Would like another opinion and estimate.
in Erie
Basement evaluation
Irvine Drive in Erie
Estimate to install ZenWall in basement laundry room. Thanks...John
in Erie
I would like a waterproofing and crawl space repair estimate.
Dominion Drive in Erie
I'm interested in getting an estimate for having the negative-side sealant applied to the basement walls and floor of my home.
Woodlawn Ave in Erie
Basement leaks during heavy rain. Was looking for route to get it repaired. I am currently finishing basement and adding a bedroom in it.
Patio Dr. in Erie
I'm redoing my basement and for the most part I have everything sealed except for one small spot that I can't seal.

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